Welcome to The West Holdings.

Abandoned by The Landorian Empire as the height of it’s Civil War, this region forms but a part of the Nothern Highlands that have found themselves now independent and struggling to find their own identity and rule of law.

Evil awakens in the form of orcs, bugbears, and even giants from the broken foothills of The Lost Holdings, all seeking to expand their clans ever further South, as well as the drow that rise from the dark earth to claim on ancient promises, and the rebirth of the once toppled Temple of the Elder Elemental Eye.

The dragon of The Back Marsh once again flies and no one is safe.

War has returned to The North, and this time the scattered Landorian settlements have no country to call on for their defense. They have only themselves, and maybe, MAYBE, those heroes that answer the call.

Here legends have been made and wealth found in abundance in the past, why not so once more?

The Navigator’s Guild

The Landorian Empire

The West Holdings

The Town of Quarry

Quarry Castle

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Lords of The Ancient